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London City Dentists is led by Dr Wayne Holness BCHD, BSc (Hons), DPDS. Dr Holness is committed to providing the finest dental care using the latest proven techniques that today’s technology has to offer. His philosophy is first and foremost, healthy teeth. Starting with a strong foundation means that any subsequent aesthetic work will be more inclined to last. It is on this basis that a loyal client base and word-of-mouth following has been achieved. Dr Holness and his team are particularly mindful that many of their clients are people who work in the city. Therefore, the punctuality of appointments has been built into the business model as far as is humanly possible. Knowing that every minute counts, London City Dentists will call you if circumstances have forced them to run a little late so that you can utilise that time more fruitfully than sitting in the (admittedly, very comfortable) reception. If you phone with an emergency, they will do their utmost to treat you on the same day. Dr Holness is also very aware that for the vast majority of people, a visit to the dentist is hardly anyone’s idea of fun. For this reason, he and his team have endeavoured to make the practice environment relaxed and friendly, and they will do everything they can to make your visit as comfortable and pain-free as possible. Meet the Dentist who leads the team at London City Dentists Dr Wayne Holness BCHd, BSc (Hons), DPDS Dr Holness qualified from Leeds Dental Institute in 1996. He has worked in general dental practice in Richmond, Surrey and Bristol and as a Senior House Officer in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Bristol Dental School. “I gained invaluable experience helping anxious and phobic patients at the Intravenous Sedation Centres in Bristol and Swindon. This gave me real insight into how to manage patients’ fears and help them relax”. In 2001 Dr Holness joined a leading practice in South Kensington before setting up his own private practice in the City of London. “I believe in minimally invasive treatment when treating pain, function or aesthetics. My approach is simple and straightforward. I want my patients to have strong, healthy teeth and to make them look as attractive as possible.” Dr Holness is committed to the incorporation of the latest technological advances within the mastery of his dental care skills. “To keep up-to-date with the very best levels of international dental treatments and techniques, I regularly attend lectures and seminars in this country and abroad. Only when those techniques are proven to be safe, effective and beneficial do I consider incorporating them into our City practice.” Meticulous and caring, Dr Holness believes in building a strong and trusting relationship with his clients. “The better I get to know my patients, the more I can help them achieve what they want. Longer term, my treatment centres on prevention and maintenance. In the future, when people talk about “British teeth”, I want them to mean “excellent teeth”.

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