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London City Dentists – Dental Implants Fitted near Aldgate

Our practice works closely with external specialists in dental implants and, combined with the expertise of Dr Wayne Holness, can provide a professional procedure to help you restore your smile, with complete confidence that it’s the right option for you. Our practice is located in the centre of the city, and we’re just a short distance away from Aldgate station, making us easily accessible for patients in this local area.

What Are Implants & Are They Right For Me?

To put it simply, dental implants are a reliable, safe and long-term solution for replacing missing teeth – whether this is due to an accident, long-term problems with gum health, tooth decay or other underlying issues. The procedure involves a metal screw to be fixed into your jaw’s bone, onto which a matching tooth is placed to fit seamlessly with the rest of your teeth.

As the procedure and its overall success relies heavily on the strength of your jaw bone, Dr Holness and his team will always carry out an assessment on your dental health to ensure implants are the right choice. For example, heavy smokers, those who suffer from serious gum disease or even ‘teeth grinders’ may not be right for dental implants and we’ll suggest alternative solutions.

You can find more information about our dental implants in our ‘Specialist Dentistry’ section, and some pricing details on our ‘Prices’ page. If you want a more detailed breakdown of our dental implants procedures then please call our practice on 0207 488 4445 – we can either provide you with some information over the phone, or book you an appointment for a consultation.

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