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Shattering news about online dental equipment

Posted on by Wayne Holness

Being nervous when visiting the dentist is an understandable if unnecessary feeling these days. Dental technology has advanced so far in recent years that pain and discomfort have been all but eliminated. But the latest dental horror stories could make even the calmest of patients rigid with terror. According to the Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), hugely dangerous dental tools are being offered for sale on eBay, Amazon, Alibaba and other websites. These lethal oral weapons include high speed hand-piece drills that could disintegrate in a patient’s mouth, dental X-Ray machines that emit high levels of hazardous radiation and root canal files that can easily break.

The MHRA has seized large quantities of unapproved cheap and counterfeit equipment with false approval markings that could be highly dangerous to patients and dental staff alike. Not long ago, a counterfeit product used for drilling and cleaning teeth shattered in a patient’s mouth. Miraculously no harm was done but it could be only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs, so this is a call to everyone in the dental profession to think twice before buying ‘cheap’ equipment.

It’s something we would never gamble on at London City Dentists. My approach has always been to purchase the best and most dependable equipment from trusted, well-established offline suppliers. It’s an investment that ensures my patients can be as relaxed and at ease in my (state-of-the-art) deeply comfortable dental chair knowing that we use only the best and safest materials and equipment available anywhere in the world. Well, you deserve nothing less.

Click to read the full Daily Telegraph article.

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