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Any time resolutions

Posted on by Wayne Holness

There are all kinds of fascinating surveys published in the media on a daily basis. The trouble is that if you wait around long enough, another one will come along and say exactly the opposite. One of the latest was about exercise, the banner headline blaring ‘Experts say you only need to exercise 20 minutes a week!’ That was a few weeks after another survey blurted ‘Experts say that less than 20 minutes exercise a day invites a heart attack’. (Who are these guys?) There’s one survey result that never seems to change: ‘Brush twice a day for 2 minutes+ to keep your teeth.’ But let’s not go into that. Let’s talk instead about new year’s resolutions and why you’ve broken yours – that is if you’re one of the 75% of people who give up by the end of January. (I’m not sure of that figure, it came from a survey) Why do they give up? A national newspaper recently said that according to those experts (quite possibly the writer’s aunty) the key reason that resolutions work for the other shiny 25% is that they possess self-confidence. Simple really. Whereas the 75% without self-confidence tell themselves that they don’t really have the strength and self-control to change bad habits or take on good ones. With that mind-set, anyone would be executing a thumping u-turn within days, be it concerning exercise, diet: cutting smoking and drinking or you name it. Here’s the crunch. For those who have given up, possibly with a sigh of relief, I’m afraid to say that you’re not off the hook. You don’t need New Year to make a resolution. You can do it in March, or on a Tuesday or any time. Only why not recognise that what’s undermining you is the voice of that insidious background fraud that tells you that you’re not strong enough to change? So next time, whenever you reach for that drink, cake, remote ‘on’ switch, remember you’re the boss and you’re tough enough. How tough do you have to be? Well nothing like as tough as the people who do this one. There’s an organisation, I think it’s the AA (No, not the Automobile Association) that encourages new members to do three good deeds for other people every day for a week. Quite easy. Not really. The hard bit is that they don’t count if anyone finds out. Tens of thousands make that resolution every year, many of them with poor self-confidence and very low life-states, and many of them succeed. What a great feeling that must be. And what a boost to their feelings about themselves! It’s the same kind of benefit we get when finally succeed in our resolutions. And if we don’t, we can try again in March. Or on a Wednesday. And don’t forget to include changing up to twice a day brushing for two minutes plus.


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