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Warning – a growing tooth and gum hazard

Posted on by Wayne Holness

If you haven’t heard of periodontitis, it’s time to take notice. Amazingly, although we rarely read about it in the media, it ranks among the six most prevalent diseases worldwide! Recently, over 700 million new cases have been added to the hundreds of millions who already suffer from it. In the UK, at least one in 15 adults suffers from the most severe form of the disease. Said Professor Wagner Marcenes, Director of Research at Barts Health NHS Trust. “The number of severe periodontitis cases increased dramatically between 1990 and 2010 . . . we are now facing an even more serious problem in the population’s oral health,” Researchers are currently evaluating what socio-economic and other factors are to blame. Right now, the statistics show that most at risk are people over 38.

The disease can quickly lead to the pain, discomfort, gum related problems and loss of teeth. But there is a solution. Quite simply, it’s based on that dentists’ mantra: ‘prevention and maintenance’. Here at London City Dentists we protect our patients from severe periodontitis with a thorough deep clean whenever necessary. That’s a comforting thought but it’s coupled to a note of caution: please don’t leave it too late to avoid being one of the millions of people who probably never thought severe periodontitis would ever happen to them.


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