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Can my dentist in tower hill change my teeth as an adult?

Changing our smiles as adults can still be a daunting prospect. Often with our classic British attitudes, we just carry on with what we have got and do not worry or complain about it. But we at London City Dentists believe that everyone, no matter what their age is, has the right to feel happy and confident in their smile. And what’s more, we are proud to offer a whole heap of options to get you kick-started on the journey to a dazzling smile. It is time to put yourself first.

What can be done?

Depending on what each patient is looking for, we have a whole list of tools we can call upon to improve your smile. We work with patients to create smile makeovers; this refers to combining a few different smile-improving methods to find you a bespoked smile.

How to get started?

Come and see us for an initial consultation about your smile and what you feel could be improved. Our dentist in Tower Hill will then talk you through all the things they can do to help achieve your goals. This could be as simple as talking about what whitening procedures we offer or for some could be whitening along with composite bonding and an oral hygiene therapy plan.

A little more detail

Let's get a little bit more specific with what our dentist in Tower Hill offers through a smile makeover.


Teeth whitening offers patients a brighter smile. We at London City Dentists are pleased to offer at-home whitening as we believe this offers long-term, affordable results. For your whitening treatment, you will be given a set of clear trays to wear at night, and in these trays, you should place the whitening solution. Over the course of two weeks, your teeth will begin to lighten, leaving you with some pearly whites to be proud of.

Porcelain veneers

If you are looking to improve a number of issues such as stained, chipped or misaligned teeth, then veneers could be the solution for you. Veneers are thin layers of porcelain that can be placed over the top of your natural teeth. They are designed to look like your natural teeth but with improvements. Veneers can come in singles or whole sets and are great if you want a quick, long-lasting change to your dental look.

Composite bonding

Bonding works by building up layers of resin on the teeth and can help with chips and cracks. It is a quick treatment with massive aesthetic results.

Moving forward

Those are just a few of the treatments we are proud to offer our patients, and our dentist in Tower Hill would be happy to discuss all the options with you fully during an initial consultation for your smile makeover.

We want to express that we are happy to offer 0% finance on many of our procedures and want to make the path to a beautiful smile accessible to all.Call our reception team now and organise your first appointment today.


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