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" On my first visit to Dr Holness I needed a filling in a tooth which had been giving me discomfort for some time. I had experienced a great deal of pain when the adjacent tooth had been filled some years earlier, and was feeling anxious this time. This filling was however, completely painless and Dr Holness was very careful to explain the process as he went along, reducing my anxiety very effectively."

- Sally -

Philip (of JLT group)

" On behalf of my two daughters and myself, we would like to thank Dr Holness for sorting our various dental problems so efficiently. My daughters were both initially terrified of the dentist's chair and Dr Holness gave them the confidence to visit without fear and trepidation. His 'bubble gum' prior to injections eliminates any sensation of the needle and the girls have both taken advantage of watching DVD's during their treatment. Personally, I had not been to a dentist for years and it became necessary for me to visit Dr Holness on five consecutive days in one week including preparation and fitting of a crown. I am pleased to say that at no time did I suffer any pain or major discomfort. We all have great confidence in you and the efficient manner in which treatment is given."

- Philip (of JLT group) -


" I have been more than pleased with the treatment I have received from Dr Wayne Holness. His work is of a high standard and his bedside manner is both professional and friendly. Being able to watch movies while having treatment was a unique experience too! I whole heartedly recommend Wayne to anyone who is looking for private dental care."

- Tony -

" Wayne is comprehensive, honest, and does excellent work. He quite literally saved my tooth this afternoon, a complicated job but executed without me feeling any discomfort.


I'd recommend London City Dentists to anyone searching for a high quality dentist in the city. "

- George Heggie -

" Been going to London City Dentists for 4 years and would highly recommend Dr Holness. On more than one occasion the clinic has been able to find time to see me with little notice and Dr Holness has always provided professional and friendly service. In particular getting me through a difficult few weeks with work and exams when I was struck with tooth ache at the worst time! "

- Jonathan Harries -

" Wayne is a brilliant dentist. My husband and I had older, complicating issues and he has done brilliantly . He’s spoiled us on other dentists. We’re back in the USA and can’t find anyone as good. Our dentist said raved about our previous dental work (Wayne). "

- Lyn Des Marais -

" I received exceptional dental treatment at London City Dentists. I was recommended to Dr Holness by another true professional Dr Claire Nightingale from Queens Gate Orthodontic’s. My experience with London City Dentists exceeded my expectations. Dr Holness has exceptional hands and pays exceptional care and attention in his work and finished my tooth like no other dentist - he is a rare professional who can be trusted 100%.

I highly recommend Dr Wayne Holness and the clinic London City Dentists even if you live far away from the City - it is worth the travel to get such outstanding dental treatment. I will only use London City Dentists in future. "

- Marina Tikhonenko -

" Dr Holness was extremely experienced, there was practically no pain during my tooth extraction surgery; and also quite surprisingly, I have experienced almost no pain in the days following the surgery as well. Recommend for anyone looking for tooth extractions with minimal pain. "

- X T -

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