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Dental Decay - The Good, The Bad, The Mending

We are a nation that is still tackling dental decay on a daily basis; despite all our amazing dental treatments, cleaning tools and at-home tutorials on flossing, we’re still managing to fall seriously short on the care needed when cleaning our teeth. Thousands of patients across the UK are having fillings and tooth extractions daily in order to combat dental decay. So why is this? And what can we do? Is this something we can change? We at London City Dentists have put together the good, the bad and the mending for dental decay.

The Good

So let’s start off with a nice, big positive from your dentist in Tower Hill. Firstly, numbers-wise, dental decay is nowhere near as bad as it used to be, so we’re definitely learning. That being said, we still have quite a long way to go. There is really no need for us to see the number of patients we do who are still suffering from dental decay.

Another positive - it is curable. Sometimes when we hear those dreaded dental words from the dentist, “you’ll need a filling”, our whole bodies can feel funny, and we begin to shame and punish ourselves for all the things we haven’t done or even feel gross because it’s like we don’t clean our teeth properly. This just isn't necessary. Things happen, and some teeth are just hard to clean; what’s done is done, and in most cases, if decay is caught quick enough, a small filling isn’t going to harm you or cause long-term damage.

The Bad

For us at London City Dentists, the bad comes when we have to perform serious treatment on teeth that have been left to decay and beyond the point of repair. The last thing we want to do is extract decayed teeth; it's just such a shame. But what we find even more difficult is that lots of people suffer in pain and distress because they’re embarrassed by their teeth, and for us, this is so heartbreaking. We do not want any patient to suffer because they are embarrassed at the state of their teeth. We have seen it all, and our dentist in Tower Hill loves nothing more than making people better and giving them back a good quality of life.

The Mending

We at London City Dentists want to make you see how easy it is to keep your teeth healthy. We believe wholeheartedly in preventive dentistry; this refers to all the things we can do to keep teeth free of decay and disease! That means regular checkups with our dentist in Tower Hill, consistent best practices with at-home cleaning and, where possible, routine scale-and-polishes with the dental hygienist. If you master this holistic approach, we can work together to mend the issues surrounding dental decay in this country.

If you would like to learn more or book a check-up, contact our clinic over the phone or through email, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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