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Dentist in Tower Hill London: dynamic treatment in a dynamic city

To be a dentist in Tower Hill requires a certain amount of dynamism in the dynamic city of London. People living in such an energetic city demand a dentist who is agile and able to adapt so as to provide the best treatment available. London City Dentists are well established and are used to accommodating the demands and desires of patients. We have embraced the latest technology to help our patients maintain their dental care by conducting virtual consultations. This allows our patients to go about their busy day with the least amount of disruption while still able to enjoy the benefits of a consultation with us.


Emergencies do happen from time to time and it can be devastating to accidentally chip a tooth or knock a tooth out. We provide an emergency service for our patients so that they know we are here to look after their dental needs at all times. Getting to the dentist in Tower Hill can sometimes be difficult. To make it easier for our patients we offer early morning and evening appointments to fit in with our patients busy schedules

Functionality first

We understand that aesthetics play a big part in people's lives, especially in twenty twenty two but our philosophy is that our teeth must first and foremost perform their primary function.

Our teeth are designed to help our stomachs digest our food by breaking down that food so that our stomachs can work properly.

Prevention is the key

As a responsible dentist in Tower Hill preventing tooth decay must be the main focus. We work tirelessly at educating our patients about the correct way to brush their teeth and maintain healthy gums. We also provide advice about choosing the correct toothbrush and toothpaste. Our patients with children are encouraged to bring their children in as young as possible just to allow them to become familiar with our staff and the dental surgery. The earlier that we can examine a child's mouth the sooner we will be able to identify any possible problems that may require early treatment. We can also assist the parents by reinforcing the importance of proper dental care.

Complete dental care and service

We offer the full range of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry including dental misalignment correction and dental implants. The amazing advances in dental science together with the latest technology allows us to offer the most sophisticated treatments available. We will whiten your teeth and utilise the latest dental appliances to discreetly straighten your teeth and replace lost teeth.

Committed to your wellbeing

Because your teeth are a vital part of your anatomy we are committed to helping you maintain your oral cavity. Regular brushing after meals are supported by six monthly dental visits and routine visits to our hygienist to remove unwelcome plaque. One of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and your children is the gift of healthy teeth and gums. You only get one set after your baby teeth and we are here to help make them last your lifetime.


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