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Enjoy the best in oral health care with a visit to the dentist in Tower Hill

Are you hoping to enjoy the best dental technology when you visit a dentist in Tower Hill? Do you need someone who can assist you with all your dental care needs? Look no further than London City Dentists, we offer professional oral health care to the community of Tower Hill and surrounding areas. If you’re new to London, consider our dentist in Tower Hill for you and your loved ones.

Visit our modern dentist rooms to receive the latest treatments

Our dental practice offers comfortable, welcoming treatment rooms for you to relax in and enjoy peace of mind before your appointment. Our team of staff are on hand to assist with anything you may need.

We are conveniently situated at Lloyd’s Avenue in Tower Hill so that it is easily accessible for those working or living in the heart of the city centre of London. We are available to assist with professional dental care and our dentist in Tower Hill is on hand to look after your oral health care needs.

Enjoy dental solutions from routine appointments to complex cosmetic treatment options

If you’d like to find a dentist to call your own, consider our team of dedicated dental professionals. We welcome new and existing patients and have an exciting offer featuring our New Patient Consultation. This consists of a 30-minute appointment for a new private patient sign-up. Our dentist will be happy to make an assessment on your teeth, gums, and jaw, discuss your needs and wishes and offer dental solutions to make your goals a reality. We also have an oral cancer screening available that is included in the New Patient Consultation special.

As no two patients are the same, we strive to create bespoke treatment plans to cater to the unique needs of each patient so that you can enjoy the best oral health care standards.

Receive root canal therapy at our London practice

Did you know that here at our practice we offer root canal therapy to patients? It’s quite common for patients to experience infection and at our practice we are passionate about offering the latest dental solutions. Our highly experienced and skilled practitioners are able to help treat the infected area and prevent any symptoms you may experience from worsening. We advise patients to seek professional dental advice and care as soon as possible if they notice any signs of infection. Avoiding having treatment will only result in your infection increasing and it may result in further discomfort or even pain. In some cases, avoiding treatment could lead to patients having an abscess or even tooth loss.

The root canal therapy treatment includes local anaesthetic, and the infected tooth is first prepared before the infection can be treated and removed. The hole in the infected tooth is then filled which will help to prevent the build-up of further bacteria presenting itself in the tooth.

Dental hygiene and maintenance is extremely important for everyone, and we encourage all our patients to ensure that they follow a strict dental hygiene routine to prevent the risk of infection.


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