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Finding the perfect fit and getting all your dental needs covered under one roof

At London City Dentists, we understand the importance of finding the right team for you. It is understood that the dental practice is not exactly the highlight of people’s day but by finding the team that suits you, supports you and guides you, you will be giving your smile the best chance it can have.

From general dentistry through to cosmetic through to essential treatments or procedures, your dentist in Tower Hill has you covered and will be there to support and guide you through the different stages of your dental life. Keeping all your dental needs under one roof has therefore never been more important as it enables you to be supported by people you know.

The location.

Although we would all like to think that we would travel any distance to keep our smiles healthy, the practicality of the distance always comes into consideration. Harder to locate dental practices therefore have a reduced number of patients and often focus on specific parts or dentistry rather than offering a broad range of treatments and procedures. Being located in the heart of London, our dentist in Tower Hill is easily accessible and has strong foundations both in the architecture and within the team. Whether using public transport, walking or some other form, our practice is easy to attend.

Not just for general dentistry.

Whilst the regular check-ups for you and your family are an essential part of life, it is important to know that at London City Dentists, not only are the day-to-day dental appointments available but there are specialists in a variety of different areas of dentistry. From cosmetic treatments and procedures such as teeth whitening or white fillings to more extensive procedures such as root canal or dental implants. No matter what your dental need is, more often than not, our team will be able to assist and get you the treatments you need without outsourcing to another practice.

Considering the costs.

As with all aspects of life, considering the costs of different things is essential and with a dental practice situated in the heart of London you may be thinking it is too pricey for you. However, when it comes to the cost of things it is important to understand all the different options available. The type of treatment affects the cost, how often you may want a particular cosmetic treatment can affect the cost but it does not mean that everything has to be paid upfront without any assistance. Putting your overall oral health in someone else’s hands can feel pricey but as you discuss your options with your dentist in Tower Hill you can begin to understand your options better. 0% finance options are available and quotations are always provided beforehand so do not let the fear of the cost stand in the way of your oral health.

Getting to grips with the practice.

For those who are unsure about whether or not to attend the practice, taking the time to view our website, calling us or popping in for a general chat and look around can all be highly beneficial. The team understands that for some, walking into the dental practice can be a big deal and therefore our friendly approach will be there to support and guide you in whichever way you need.


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