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London City Dentists: dental care in London made easy

At London City Dentists, we understand that patients who work in the City have huge demands on their time and energy, so we make a trip to the dentist as easy as it can be. Conveniently located in the centre of the city, we are close to Tower Hill, Aldgate and Bank stations, as well as Liverpool and Fenchurch Street mainline stations. We are also in close proximity to Tower Gateway DLR. We offer early morning and late night appointments to suit our patients’ work schedules and we will always let you know if we are running late for any reason, so you can arrive at a time when you know you will be seen and not a minute should be wasted.

When it comes to dentistry, we also offer a wide range of treatments to suit all your dental needs. Our philosophy is about ensuring the health of your teeth and gums is top-notch, so that any cosmetic work you have done will then last as long as possible. We also give back to charitable causes across the globe, so you can feel as though you are helping our philanthropic results every time you lie back in the dentist’s chair!

A treatment that suits you

At London City Dentists, we have a treatment that is ideal for busy people who need their teeth realigning. We offer Invisalign as a discreet and convenient way of realigning your smile. If you want to make friends and influence people, a smile can go a long way and with a trip to see your dentist in Tower Hill, if you have mild to moderate misalignment issues, they could be addressed with Invisalign.

What is Invisalign and why is it discreet?

Invisalign is a system that consists of plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth like a gumshield. When the aligners are worn, they are discreet because the plastic is transparent and only your teeth should be visible to other people. So, don’t need to worry about the next business meeting, because nobody should realise you are wearing anything in your mouth and you can remove them while you dine at your scheduled business lunch. The aligners are also made bespoke to fit your mouth using iTero technology, which is a digital scan and is how we get the measurements we need for your aligners to be made. With this scan, we can also generate a 3D animation of how your teeth will look after treatment has been completed. The aligners apply pressure to the teeth to push them into the desired position. Your dentist in Tower Hill here at London City Dentists will be able to provide you with enough aligners to switch between on a weekly basis for 6 weeks, so you only need to come and see us at the end of that period to have a checkup and get more aligners for the following 6 weeks.

Initial consultation

To find out how our hi-tech practice, professional and experienced team can help you with any of the treatments we have, you simply need to have a consultation with us. We offer virtual consultations initially as well to help you access our services in a way that suits you and your schedule. We can discuss the concerns you have and advise you on the possible treatments. When you come in to see us, we will also examine your mouth thoroughly to determine a treatment plan that’s right for your dental needs and your preferences.

So, if you need a dental practice in the heart of the city that will cater for your needs, come and see us at London City Dentists.


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