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Receive quality dental care with our dentist in Tower Hill

If you’re looking to enjoy quality dental care with a professional dentist in Tower Hill, look no further than London City Dentists. Our qualified team of dental practitioners are on hand to assist with your oral health care from general treatments to complex procedures.

If you’re new to London and would like to find a new dentist in Tower Hill to call your own, our dentist in Tower Hill is happy to assist you and your family. We welcome existing patients to our practice and also look forward to having new faces visit us.

We offer patients the opportunity to have cosmetic dentistry treatments such as white fillings and sparkling porcelain veneers to Invisalign aligners and complete smile makeovers.

Here at London City Dentists we also offer patients the chance to have emergency dentist appointments and root canal therapy.

If you or a family member is urgently looking to receive oral care, look no further than our friendly dental practice for a visit with our dentist in Tower Hill.

Routine visits to a dentist are vital in maintaining good oral health and wellbeing

Did you know that it’s just as important for a patient to look after their oral health as it is for patients to care for their general health and wellbeing? While great importance is placed on eating healthy and living a wholesome lifestyle, it’s equally important to look after your teeth and gums. Failing to do so could result in infection, discomfort and pain and could even begin to affect your general health.

One of the main dental issues that patients experience is plaque build up. This can be caused by a variety of reasons. A common reason it occurs is that it builds up over time in hard-to-reach places that cannot be easily accessed through general brushing or flossing. Our dental hygienist is able to assist with providing a professional clean so that you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your teeth and gums are being well looked after.

The treatment is highly effective and the great news is that it is pain-free. It causes no levels of discomfort in patients and there is no pain involved when undergoing this dental treatment.

Patients can look forward to enjoying a healthier smile following their professional teeth cleaning appointment. If you have a bridge or dental implant, our dental hygienist is also able to offer advice on ways to effectively clean and maintain them with a few helpful tips along the way.

Upgrade your smile with professional teeth whitening treatments at London City Dentists

If you’re happy with the standard of hygiene of your teeth and gums but would like to improve on the overall colour of your teeth, consider teeth whitening here at London City Dentists. Not only will it help to lighten the shade of your teeth but it can also help to create a more youthful appearance overall.

The results will reflect immediately following the treatment and will help to target stubborn stains and any signs of discoloration. Patients can look forward to a whiter smile and healthy teeth and gums following the teeth whitening treatment.


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